Please read this ENTIRE PAGE before watching the Welcome video at the bottom!
IMPORTANT: What You Need to Know To Get Access To Steps 1, 2 and 3

Keep in mind this is NOT a “get rich quick”. It is not a lottery ticket. It is not a “pyramid scheme”. 

This is me showing you a proven business system that can help you change your life, period. I literally have friends making $50,000 & $60,000 a month with this! You read that right, not a year, but a month!
So, keep in mind, that does not happen overnight! This is a process. It is a marathon and not a sprint. I am just saying it is possible, and you will get out of this what you put into it. 

My goal is to put you on a path of making $10,000 per month 60 to 90 days from now! 

So, let’s go:

OK… you will need to watch my “getting started” video (below), but again, read ALL of this first please! It is a short video, roughly 10 minutes long, and this is exactly what you need to do before your steps and training will begin.
Once you get to know me by watching that video and answer the questions you are asked in the video (by sending them to me in written form… this is not optional, we will NOT do ANYTHING until this is done), I will then open your training for you… then in a day or two you will schedule our first coaching call.

Keep in mind, answering the 3 questions is just that: Answering questions… it is NOT the first 3 steps of the training. Each of the first 3 steps will take you between 45 minutes to an hour. Do NOT go to the next page until you have watched the first 3 training videos in steps 1, 2, and 3!

Again, please be sure you answer the questions posed to you in that video. You will be asked 3 questions in the video, and I need ALL 3 questions answered, SKYPE messaged to me (strongly preferred, see my Skype ID below), or emailed (seriously, please avoid this if possible because I don’t check email often).
People are failing to do what I ask in the 5 to 8 minute mark, so please pay special attention there! 

1- You are asked to tell me what you do for work/income, 

2- Advise what experience, if any, you have in this industry, 

3- Explain WHY you think you have the 3 characteristics or traits I describe starting at that 5 minute mark of the video (that runs to roughly 8 minute point of the video.)
As soon as you do as I ask in that video, we will begin this process of earning you more money than you ever dreamed possible. 

I do NOT work with everyone, so it is important you act with urgency to show me why I should coach you. 

So, do this without delay, thanks so much, I look forward to it!
Watch This Entire Welcome Video And 
Send Me The Answers To The 3 Questions
To Get Started
The 3 Essential Tools You Need During This Training
1. Download Skype and Add Me as a Contact

Skype is by far the best way to train you. It will allow me to send you resources, documents, screenshots and makes communication so much easier. 

A) Download Skype here (it's FREE)

B) Click the SKYPE icon below to Add me OR Type in my username in the search bar. 

My Skype username is: montyfedora
2. Your LOGIN details to Digital Altitude's ASPIRE program. 

Note: You should have received this in your "Welcome To The Aspire System" Email 

Login here: 

3) Join and Listen to Our DA "Wake Up" Calls! 

Join us MON-FRI at 10am EST for the latest tips, announcements, and training to help elevate your business.  

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